A brief summary of the day

Today we left the school car park at 8.07. We drove for 8 hours. We stopped twice to eat and go to the toilet. We found the descriptions of the places we drove past extremely interesting. When we arrived in Brno, we first went to see the anthropological museum. After the tour, we drove to the Bunker, where we slept. Then we had dinner and after dinner we went on a guided tour of the Bunker and Špilberk Castle.

Top three events/things of the day:
Špilberk castle

What inspired you the most today?
our bus driver (for driving us for 8 hours)

How would you rate this day?


3 things I wish for tomorrow:
comfortable beds
signal + wifi
swimming (Erazem)
getting to know the Czech students

Written by Erazem, Tjaša, Sara, Pia, Ivana Vita