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About our project

Project „Career Development 2021“ was formed on Arménská elementary school in Brno by principal and EVVO coordinator in cooperation with other teachers and members of Czech-Slovenian society association.

The results of already carried out projects have shown that this urban housing estate school has many high-quality results comparable to the international level, but at the same time, it is facing an increased amount of socio-pathological phenomena which have to be dealt in preventive programs.

The current goal of education is a high-quality, safe and open school.

As in other EU countries, the number of immigrant children and pupils growing up in single-parent families and in less-stimulating or at-risk environments is increasing

Arménská elementary school is a modern European school open to innovations, which focuses on environmental and multicultural education in Europe, using new teaching methods and forms (eg. CLIL, inverted learning, experiential learning in nature, etc.) and the integration of modern ICT into teaching (e.g. eTwinning, etc.). The aim of education at this school in an inclusion environment is the universal development of all students.

Therefore, the general aim of the project is to improve the education provided by the school and the host organization (Naklo Elementary School in Slovenia) in a European context. This general objective is to be achieved by developing the professional competencies of the staff (particularly in the area of language teaching and environmental education in the project), and by developing language skills, didactic and professional knowledge of teachers who do not have a foreign language qualification. Last but not least, the principal´s and the project team´s effort is to acquire and implement into the teaching methods modern trends of education from abroad and to work on creating a school vision in a European context.