Our goals

Mobility enables observation of methods and procedures introduced in the receiving organization, discussion, or even possible testing in real environment. Dissemination of the results of mobility then impact in practice of schools of both countries.

Aims and results of activities:

English language teachers will gain experience in using the method “inverted class” and preparing a project in the KA2 partnership using eTwinning. They will share their knowledge of foreign language teaching methodology with other teachers, which will contribute to the development of their professional skills.

Teachers for the first stage and the EEA coordinators will gain experience in using the experiential learning and CLIL in environmental education. CLIL in practice: teachers will prepare multilingual tools for environmental education of other teachers and pupils. As a result, mobility will contribute to improving the teaching of foreign languages at school for both teachers and students.

Biology / natural science teachers will gain experience using reverse teaching method about nature in nature and experience for managing KA2 partnership projects, monitoring and evaluating foreign projects.

Inanimate nature teachers will gain experience in integrated teaching method about living and inanimate nature in environmental education.

The principal will gain experience in shadowing of the science day, which includes science, English, art and technical lessons. He will also evaluate the use of therapeutic activity with horses, on a specialized farm in Naklo and together with the management of Naklo school will execute the analysis of education programs of both schools and countries. He will also monitor shadowing teaching method and prepare project for partnership in KA2 Erasmus+ program.

Teachers of “non-linguistic” subjects who participate in the school’s international activities will be a model for colleagues and pupils, increasing their motivation for lifelong learning abroad. The project as a whole will support the prestige of the school and will clearly declare its pro-European direction, which will increase the institution’s competitiveness. Other related impacts are the deepening of the European dimension of education and consequently increasing the chances of succeeding the competition of schools around as well as on the EU labour market.