A brief summary of the day

We left the bunker – at last. We walked through the streets of Brno and across Zelyni trh, where the vegetable and fruit market is located. Together with the Czechs, we visited the Moravian National Museum (Moravské zemské muzeum). Then we went underground (Labyrinth under the Zelný trh), where we saw the kitchen, the wine cellar, the restaurant, the storage room and the torture chamber. After reaching the surface, we ate apricots which our teacher bought for us.

Then we had lunch in the student canteen, went on a tour of Brno’s huge university (Masaryk University), got a tour of the huge school of our Czech hosts (Armenska Primary School), visited the Vida House of Experiments, which was amazing, and after that we went to the Kozí Horka guesthouse where we slept.

Top three events / things of the day:

 Vida + mustang


arrival at the guest house for dinner

What inspired you the most today?


Vida House of Experiments

How would you rate this day?


Three things I wish for tomorrow:

 we can not wait for the train to Prague


Trdelnik aka chimney cakes + ice cream

Written by Gaber, Taja, Nina, Monika and Eva