To Prague by train

A brief summary of the day
Early in the morning at 7 am, we drove from the Kozí Horka guesthouse to the main railway station in Brno. There we had coffee and at 8.09 we took the train to Prague. We ate breakfast on the train and played games on the tablets that were on the train seats. So it didn’t bother us that the train was an hour late.

We took the metro and the tram to Prague Castle. We visited the Old Royal Palace and St George’s Basilica, St Vitus Cathedral. Its exterior was designed by our great architect Jože Plečnik.

We had a snack and an ice-cream in beautiful weather and surroundings.

We crossed the Charles Bridge together, admired the Vltava River and walked to the main square. Prague is a beautiful city with lots of tourists. We had a pizza to go in the main square and took the metro to the main train station and the train back to Brno. During the journey, we enjoyed a Caesar salad.

At 8:50 pm, we voted to go to the interesting Moravian National Museum, as Brno was hosting a Night of Museums.

Top three events / things of the day:
bus, train, metro, tram and escalator rides
Prague – Castle and City

What inspired you the most today?
good rooms in the guesthouse
St. Vitus Cathedral

How would you rate this day?


Three things I wish for tomorrow:
trdelnik aka chimney cake (a traditional Czech dessert)
less food
beautiful weather

Special features of the day: variations of different means of transport, 15 hours of travelling, more than 15,000 steps, 7 hours of train journey, a million new impressions …

Written by Tina, Andraž, Ula, Katja, Nika, Elizabeta, Blaža, Maj, Eva and Lenka