A brief summary of the day

The day started with a great breakfast at 8. 30. We left the hotel at 9:30 and headed to the ZOO, where we stayed until 4:00 pm. We saw many different animals, many of which we don’t have in Slovenia. We were fascinated by polar bears and white wolves. We also petted a soft alpaca and a bison, and saw a llama spitting. After the tour, we headed to the planetarium, where we first played outside and then started the tour. In the first part, we were introduced to the constellations, and in the second part we watched a 3D video about the planets and their exploration made by Voyager 1 and 2. A delicious dinner (goulash, bread loaf) followed, and then we headed to the last hotel we’ll be staying in.

Top three events / things of the day:
planetarium (rest)

What inspired you the most today?
rest in the planetarium
chimney cakes (trdelnik)

How would you rate this day?


Three things I wish for tomorrow:
swimming pool, swimming
less food

Written by Tina, Ula, Andraž, Katja and Nika