A brief summary of the day

We started our day with breakfast at 8.00 when we surprised Sara with presents because it was her birthday. Then we went to Armenska primary school. We had our first class with the first graders. We learnt parts of the body in different languages – Czech, Slovene, English and Ukrainian. During second class we made small lavender pouches with the third graders. After snack, we played a game in the garden with the second graders. We had to find a word in three languages. Afterwards we looked around their school and garden and ate lunch. We planted an almond tree which represents the friendship between the Czech and the Slovenian students. Then we listened to a presentation about eTwinning and we got our Europass certificates. We had a sweet snack and after that we swam in their school pool. At the end of the day we went shopping and we had our dinner in KFC. Our trip to The Czech Republic is slowly coming to an end.

Top three events / things of the day:




What inspired you the most today?



tree planting

Ukrainian student

visiting first, second and third graders

How would you rate this day?


Three things I wish for tomorrow:

an interesting, funny and safe journey back home – without traffic jams

a movie in the bus

a possibility to charge our phones on the bus

Written by Tina, Ula, Andraž, Katja and Nika