A brief summary of the day

Our last day started with packing and breakfast at 8.00. After the tasty meal we returned to our room and finished packing. At 9.00 we carried our suitcases to the bus. We went to Mendelianum where we saw the DNA, the human one and the fruit ones. First we mashed the fruit, added salt, some water and some liquid dish soap. Then we filtered everything and added ethanol. We were able to see the DNA molecules. We did the same with our saliva. We took a sip of really salty water which we had to gargle and then we spit it out. We could see our own DNA molecules. Afterwards we ate a very good lunch by St. Peter and Pavel’s Church. Now we are already on our way home.

Top three events / things of the day:



our own DNA

What inspired you the most today?

fruit and human DNA


teachers who have been putting up with us all this time and haven’t lost their temper as they usually do J

How would you rate this day?


Three things I wish for tomorrow:

no homework

good sleep

Poličar’s vanilla yoghurt for snack

less food


Written by Tina, Ula, Andraž, Katja and Nika